Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Episode 5

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  • SJ Emon

    why isn’t it loading? 🙁

  • Xymsia


  • JOSHing CinnamonBun

    Literally Sixth

  • Zeus Baligod

    why is marco there…

    • Zeus Baligod

      ok im retarded.. its a flashback

  • JOSHing CinnamonBun


  • Rohan Tiwari

    hystoria? ymir was disappointed

    • Person

      Disappointed? Christa/ historia is the true

      queen of…wherever they live…who wouldn be disappointed by the name historia RIESS

  • Vincent RE

    that scene when mikasa came with the survey core

  • Melody Pologne

    Ughhhh. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait a whole week. >.<
    That cliffhanger tho..

    • potatoman712

      so was the episode 4,

  • Joachim Bulaon

    Next episode will be

    Reiner being the armored titan and bertolt is the colossus titan 🙂

    • Atma

      that was low…

    • BigMeatsy27

      Hey faggot don’t spoil it for ppl that doesn’t read the manga! I read the whole manga but you don’t see me spoiling it for everyone every chance I get. You give manga readers a bad name. Smfh

      • HistoryOfGaia HOG

        Didn’t Ymir die much later in the manga though?

        • BigMeatsy27


    • potatoman712

      i can see it by the title of next episode “warrior”. i know the secret about reiner and bertolt but i dont read the manga 😛

    • toosmoothtodd

      doubt it , they havent shown much new info in 5 episodes and this one was half a point less flashback

    • iwachan

      nice spoil, baka baka baka baka 😉
      but seriously, when Reiner was telling all this to Eren i was like “get the fuck outta here, Reiner, no one will believe that crap. Bertolt? The colossal titan?” and then I was like “you son of a bitch! Eren, Mikasa, kill them! KILL THEM!!!!!!!”. I don’t hate them just because they were titans and killed people, I know the story and I can understand their point of view, but it’s just that…… FUCK! Bertolt? I mean BUTTolt? (hehe that was a good one!), I had completely forgotten who this fucker was for like 20 episodes, and then…what??? I don’t know why but I hate him more then I hate the others.

    • Galoeh Adrian-Noviar

      Damn bro, you completely ruined that for me there. I mean, some other comments at least stated that they were about to tell a major spoiler. If this is true, what the hell man! Why even

  • Mohamed Abdelhak

    that moment when mikasa showed up and you praying that it is levi who showed up

    • Hana Dimalanta

      you got me bruh

      • Sasha Logvinov


    • Lior Tanger

      hehe Im with you on that thought

    • MrDeadPumpkin

      they are both the same skill because they are from the Ackerman family, you’ll discover what it means later.

      • Jorge Ortiz

        So is Kenny the Ripper

      • Jason Winn

        Spoiler alert: Reiner is the armored titan

        • Amirani Zhorzholiani

          hey stop spoiling you jerk!

          • Root Bryce

            There a small little kid in the comments section of a anime? Wow so rare.

          • johnny

            If u didn’t know that Reiner is the armored titan you are pretty retarded.

        • DR.frEK

          yh like we didnt see that coming

        • Samrol Sotiefa

          Oh, look, MrDeadPumpkin and Jason Winn, the two fucking losers who have nothing better to do other than ruining people’s fun. Go get a life, you fucking losers.

          • Lee Gordon

            Go get a life, your life shouldnt be ruined by an anime

        • Fukenzz Yong

          Its obvious.

      • Lovely Lia

        SHUT UP

      • Goblin

        Why are you such a jerk?

    • Rebecca

      i was thinking the same

    • Russell Punzalan

      right 🙂

    • BitterVoid

      I love mikasa, but for some reason I really wanted levi as it happened. Weird o-o

    • Sasha Logvinov

      Watch anime online, English anime online – Anime subb and dubb – promiflsh . ru

    • IDCGaming


    • Jonilo5

      Why levi?

      But somewhere in my unconsciousness I wanted it to be Levi too XD

    • The Wolverina

      Well I mean, at least it was an Ackerman xD

  • Joshua Harris

    Omg that was deep i will die before a whole week i cant wait that long

  • akali95


  • Ross Patterson

    17:21 is it just me or is Bertolt preparing to bite his hand?

    • BigMeatsy27

      I can spoil it for you if you want.

      • Vasisht Suresh

        don’t man

      • oceanfor44

        don’t mf, because then ima have to see it. i wanna see if my consensus is right or if i’m off

      • Eien Hikari

        Do iiiiiiiit.

    • oceanfor44

      he’s probably a titan too. I think that they are all probably from the world outisde the walls but different places which is why he and Blondie are good friends. I think the “secret basement” really just has the truth about the walls filled with titans in it. Something is entirely sketchy about some random walls appearing out of no where filled with titans. Maybe the King 1 hundred something years ago picked the dumbest humans and made a society ruled by fear like they do in real life. That’s my consensus. Eren and his people might be oddballs though, they live in the walls and Eren has forced Amnesia, and we know his background enough to know that he isn’t in deep with any half titans half human shifters. Maybe the good guys are the bad guys(the people in the walls). The titans seem to be more coordinated then previously believed as shown by the beast titan, being a shape shifter he wouldn’t need a reason to break into the walls as an enemy unless it was like a decleration of war or something. Titans themselves might just be like foot soilders while titan shifters are generals. Always look at context, you can learn alot from that alone. Don’t spoil the anime, peice it together.

      • Person

        Or…READ THE FUCKIN MANGA…lol…see my reference…attack on Titan in 9 mins anyone?

        • iwachan

          just another day for the survey corps hehehehehe

      • A.O.T Potato Girl ( get it? )

        ….i feel so bad for reading the spoiler article, bertolt is the ‘special’ titan, i’ve said enough, now i will take my leave

      • April

        Yeah said that before. I’m betting Reiner is the armored titan, similar hair, and that would make his taller friend the colossus titan. Explains the way the shot was focused on those three (Reiner, Bertolt, Ymir) as they stared in shock at the Beast Titan, and some other reactions those have had, eg Reiner trying to get Connie away from his mom-titan.

        But think about it, the female titan attacked the right rear flank first. Whose plans said Eren would be in the right rear flank? Reiner’s did. Reiner told Annie. Then Armin blabbed that Eren would most likely be in the center, and Reiner DREW BACK HIS HOOD so the female titan could see him, and got “captured” by her. He was telling her where Eren really was. And Reiner definitely got completely smooshed by her then regenerated in her hand (steam coming off him). After she found out, the female titan ran straight for where Eren was.

        Then Bertolt accuses Reiner of not being a warrior anymore, the way Anne said she failed to be a warrior, because they both became friendly with humans. Ymir I don’t think really belonged to either fraction; humans were scared of her titan form and she didn’t know the titans that are organizing and infiltrating (or she did and that’s why she attacked Reiner before? but you’d think she’d remember that).

        The idiot titans probably changed into titans against their will and/or lack the willpower to control the power. Eren needed to learn to control his berserk state, and maybe even Ymir did too.

  • MadHatter

    Give Levi more screen time!!!

    • BigMeatsy27

      Too much of a good thing can get old fast that is why Levi is so effective when he does show up.

    • A.O.T Potato Girl ( get it? )

      who else cried when the girl with ginger hair (don’t know her name) was thrown of the carrage thing, even levi was gonna cry, darn shouldn’t have reminded myself! I started crying when it went in slow motion….

  • Bruce Lee Roy ☑️

    The titans only chewed through her Ymirs titan form why was her human form missing limbs, they kinda flipped the script for this episode which I was rather displeased with but ok.

    • DenShazo15

      Unlike the others, Ymir’s Titan Body is small so it would be easy for bigger titans to harm her real body

    • RustyEBK🚨K9 Unit

      lol my nigga what you doing here?? WS gang we in this bitch!!

  • Conf3tti

    Next episode gon be good.

    The ending is important btw. Not all of it, but there’s some shit in there.

    • Huey_ss

      The ED murals?

  • toosmoothtodd

    i hope there r no more pointless flashbacks that waste half an episode smh

    • Zoidd

      I love the flashback, it was a bit longer than expected, but it helped provide some very important context to Ymir and Historia’s relationship as well as Historia’s backstory

      • toosmoothtodd

        historias backstory/reltionship was literaly 1 min the rest of the 9 minutes showed worthless training and reveal ymir using her titans powers which we already knew she had basically all filler

    • Huey_ss

      But it built up the plot…

      • toosmoothtodd

        the plot is built up with the first 4 episode having basically no progression already halfway through season 2 and they barely added additional info from season 1

    • Ethan

      Amen, brother! They have basically drag out the same information we know from season 1 and leaving even more questions with no answers. So unless the next episode reveals some grand secret that shows the truth to a good potion of my questions, i’m going be a little sad.

      • toosmoothtodd

        im kinda over it searched info about questions i had. they can keep showing pointless episodes but this season so far looks like a bust

  • ENDragneel TheFireDemon

    *giggles manically after imaging the reaction to the next episode.

  • Huey_ss

    I wonder if those wall murals in the ED are somehow related to the story line. The first picture kind of resembles Ymir and Historia. Also, titans maybe ruled by a goddess? The third picture may explain the origin of humans becoming titans? The former soldiers fighting titans coming from water? Then another goddess reference? Pretty interesting.

    • Lior Tanger

      I think that something is turning humans into giants and some of them manage to stay sane after the transicition (like Eren, Ymir and that female titan dont remmember her name and others) about all those beast giants, no idea about that but I think they are going to kill a massive amount of humans and especially scouts

    • iwachan

      you have no idea, bro. I would recommend you to read the manga because it will take years for the anime to explain this. But If you start reading you won’t be able to stop…

  • I need to just stop reading the comments section entirely.
    Spoilers are just darn ridiculous on these, damn it.

  • Ya Dad

    “Let’s add a flashback” idiots…

    • Zanyar Mahmoud

      Not just a small one.. Like 50%j of the entire episode

      • Chico GB

        no, literally 50%, the flashback ends with the break

    • Omar “Straight Bozo” Little

      Where as, the flashback was like 15 pages in chapter 40. At this rate the last episode of this season will cover chapter 50. They only managed to put 16 manga chapters into 12 episodes. If they continue like that, it might take them until season 5 to catch up to where the manga is right now. Just what the fuck.

  • Ahad Shaikh

    The moment I saw Eren in this episode I knew I wasn’t going to like it.


    lmfao ikr

  • Acaba türkçe altyazı seçeneğini getirebilir misiniz?(Could you bring Turkish subtitles options?)

  • Lütfen çok türk’ün bu animeyi takip ettiğine garanti veririm?(Please be assured that many Turkish follow this animate?)

  • uhavenoclue boom!

    Wait i could have swarn eren killed a titan once in his human form??

    • phoenix

      makes u want to go back to the beginning and check just to make sure XD

  • Daniel Mason

    Anyone else read the manga? I feel like the God of the comments section right now. BOW DOWN BEFORE MY LIMITLESS KNOWLEDGE!

    • Axe_Girl

      It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it??

    • Nika Kasradze

      *mild grin*

    • MrDeadPumpkin

      Bro that’s how i feel on every episode of the season 2.
      I can give so many spoilers to someone who didn’t read the manga.
      only if i feel like being an asshole or other people are assholes.

    • Jorge Ortiz

      Bro so do I. The newest manga chapter are sort of confusing

  • The comic world

    The moment when Mikasa shows up exactly like in the best way Levi actually shows up!!!! Goosebumps!!!!!!!

    • A.O.T Potato Girl ( get it? )


  • türkçe altyazı da eklerseniz çok sevinirim.(
    If you add Turkish subtitles, I am very happy.)

    • Monarchy is Best Archy

      Go away, filthy turk. One day your kind will pay for the Armenian Genocide.

      • Monarchy is Best Archy

        Fucκ you. You didn’t lose family in the genocide. Asking an Armenian to forgive the turks is like asking Jews to forgive Hitler.

        • mirwais ayazi

          No, its like asking Jews to forgive a random German guy. Its a random turkish guy commenting, not the damn Ottoman emperor. He wasnt even alive for it.

          • Monarchy is Best Archy

            Even to this day the turks occupy Armenian land, including Mt. Ararat. If any of us living in turkey mention the genocide we are JAILED. Currently the turkish government is tearing down churches our ancestors built, just because they aren’t turkish mosques.
            Can you imagine the outrage if that happened in Germany? Get rid your Euro-centric bias and open your eyes.

          • dan88131

            turkey has become a caliphate

  • Pirabahari Sivakumaran (lovesM

    Can someone let me know what chapter of the manga this would be?

    • MrDeadPumpkin

      This is exactly chapter 41
      no need to thank me

  • Zombie620Slayer

    Wait.. Titans regenerate. Why didnt ymir as a titan regen?

    • MrDeadPumpkin

      ??? i think only eren has that fast regenerative power. idk doesnt say in the manga anything about that.
      but since he doesnt have much force or speed and he uses rage as his power while also getting alot of his meat and skin destroyed he might as well regenerate it faster.

      • Atma

        they all do. Thats why cannons usually dont do enough to stop them. When eren and annie fought a lot of it was waiting for their arms to heal.

    • Atma

      They can’t regenerate faster than they can be eaten by a horde.

  • Adam Mustafa

    I saw this one titan at 18:18 that looked like Hitler, no joke!

    • Michael Fernando

      yeah i see that too. hahahaa. it’s true

  • EseDelOtroDia

    Subtle spoiler alert!! //// I think I know who this “warrior” will be, it was mentioned in Ep 4.

    • EseDelOtroDia

      And I had already deduced it since season 1 (I haven’t read the manga).

  • MrDeadPumpkin

    What i thought in the manga she said her real name way way later. i dont remember this part so clear idk.nvm i remembered something else.

  • mirwais ayazi

    Ymirs titan is so damn ugly..

    • michael

      what the hell do you expect from a fucking titan? is there even a good looking titan? NO!

      • A.O.T Potato Girl ( get it? )


        • Inaaaaaaa

          Yeah exactly! she was pretty fit

          • A.O.T Potato Girl ( get it? )

            someone gets me!!! But i was pretty sad to find out she was against, i was shipping eren and her…….maybe there’s still a chance……..

    • phoenix

      but she still kicks ass did u see her speed guess that’s why she so damn fast cause of her size, can u imagine if her, eren and stubborn annie and anymore titans we don’t know about teamed up one day… the epicness would be off the charts XD

  • Levi Ackerman

    the titans are looking more and more like people -_-

    • A.O.T Potato Girl ( get it? )

      the only time i saw levi with a sad expression was when petra died, must’ve been hard for u … oh and when isabel and farlan died right infront of him, u know whats sadder?…….isabel would’ve been the perfect match for eren they were so similar

    • WilderWynd

      Really? that Bug-eyed one was “more like people”?

  • michael

    Most of the people watching don’t read the manga -_-

    • Inaaaaaaa

      so? Aren’t they allowed to watch the show?

    • WilderWynd

      Apparently if you didn’t read the manga, the show’s just NOT for you.
      Not that they are gonna be the same anyway.

  • michael

    I skipped when ymir and historia talking :p, because i read the manga

  • neppy

    Soo let me get thie right…. the wall is made of titans… but titans try to get inside the wall to kill what they are proteing….. makes no sense to me atm … and why is christw soo important , she a titan too?…..

    • April

      She knows the secrets the priest kept hidden, maybe she’s the daughter of a noble who was high up in the cult or in the monarchy’s inner circle.

      The titans are named after the people who became titans and made the wall maybe, like in the end credits it shows 3 blond hair girls eatting… hearts? and those 3 are what the walls are named after. So some titans are on the side of humans like Eren (and ymir??) and some want to destroy humanity.

      Oooor…. who’s to say there’s not other walled in cities out there, maybe ones that learned to control titan powers. The world’s awfully pig for just one walled off corner of the planet.

      • neppy

        Yeah.. i thought that too.. but if historia is soo important why try and kill her … this animes crazy cant wait to see all of season 2

  • Sasha Logvinov


  • Ametri


  • Inaaaaaaa

    Ahh so many stuck up people in the comment section.. You read the manga, good job! Now can anybody else still enjoy the show, please?

  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    I hope that all of you who write spoilers die soon.

  • Amirani Zhorzholiani

    i have read all chapters of manga it was amazing!

  • Bryan Roque

    how to Download?

  • Damu Oppai

    Spoiler Alert: Conny is the Colossal titan, because thats the only titan without hair

  • BitterVoid

    The titans are becoming more and more smart and human looking..

    I HATE IT.


  • Pratik

    Who the hell is that beast Titan ??

    • Miku

      someones relative

  • Daralby Liyi Lee

    Omgggg, this is getting confusinggg

  • Tahliacat

    My theory is people from the village were turned into titans or were turned by the beast titan and that explains why the village was destroyed and no blood

  • Nobodey

    Where the fuck is episode 6
    Ive waited so long

  • PgSavage

    this show way to good

  • Dominique Roberts

    Is it just coincidence or does the first image in the ending look like some titan-like creature and Christa (ie Historia). And isn’t she the bastard child of a nobleman? And the crude biblical art and imagery depicting a blonde girl throughout the opening and ending along with the wall church guys knowing about Christa’s origin makes it look like something is up…gah damn AOT giving us so many clues but no answers!! Also uh Christa sounds a lot like Christ. Something’s up with that.

  • Kyle Simmons

    Ok I know it’s a show but after knocking over the tower why didn’t they get the fuck out of there? Just run away after seeing one Titan they didn’t think others lived too?

  • xNVSx

    This anime is so fucking good!!!


    just caught up to s2… it is very interesting as a a first time viewer of attack on titans. so much to explain, cant wait for the next new episode

  • Haxy Go !

    5:50 Titans are Nazis!

  • Virginia Torres


  • Big Bear

    thats very odd, i like mikasa but I too wanted that to be levi, why is that?? why did we all want to believe it was Levi? maybe because we know him to be the best titan slayer but maybe the writers are showing us that shes pretty god damn awesome too